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This is THE place where you will read all our latest blog posts and updates from the devs. Make sure to regularly check back for all the freshest Bright Gambit blogness!

  • Announcing the games we are supporting and look to the future

    It’s been a whirlwind experience for all of us at Bright Gambit following our public reveal in January. In truth, we weren’t sure what to expect, but the only thing we felt certain about, was our shared desire to find and support creators and projects who through reasons outside of their control had fallen short or outside the remit for any financial or professional backing.

    Be it as a result of their geography, personal circumstance or any other multitude of reasons, we wanted to find those games with heart and help them to the finish line. We feel really blessed to be working with some immensely talented creators and look forward to working with them on their upcoming releases and beyond. With the first of the projects set to come out this year, we are excited to build on the constellation of projects to add to our budding ecosystem.


    Ogre Pixel

    Creating fantasy stories in the form of indie video games, Ogre Pixel is an indie game studio based in Aguascalientes, México since 2014. A small team of passionate creators, their mission is to create unique game experiences that can leave a mark.

    Link to Steam page

    Help Node

    Helpnode is a small indie studio founded in 2020 by two friends with a great desire to make great games. They came together to tell touching stories about their warmest and dearest memories — childhood, friendship, partnership, finding ourselves and exploring the world around them.

    Link to Steam page

    Pharos Interactive

    Pharos Interactive is a one-person studio working on their debut game Kredolis. The studio is passionate about creating mystical worlds with captivating storytelling.

    Kredolis Gif 2
    Kredolis Gif 1

    Link to Steam page


    Work on the studio’s first game – GRUNND spans the whole world – Latvia, Serbia, UK, Finland, Sweden, US, Brazil and Vietnam. Being indie to the core, SektaHouse enjoys all benefits of an off-site collaboration whilst adulting and/or studying on the side.

    Link to Steam page

    Woodhill Interactive

    Woodhill Interactive is a one-person studio, spawned as a phalanx of Woodhill Studios which is a Stockholm based art collective.

    Link to Steam page


    As an Indie Support Initiative, we want to do more and try to have as positive an impact on aspiring teams as possible so apart from guiding the projects and teams we are working with to release we hope to get better at the following:

    • Finding new ways to bring more projects to market
    • Expanding our reach by targeting more developers from less highlighted regions and territories.
    • Finding new ways to clearly communicate how we work in person and digitally.

    We can’t do this alone, so if you’d love to support our initiative, then do make contact. We’d love to hear from you. The future is bright with Bright Gambit.

  • A few words from Bright Gambit
    Yehor Milohrodskyi Ukraine Flag
    Image credit: Yehor Milohrodskyi

    It’s hard to escape or be blind to the images of pain and suffering all around us. It is harrowing and unprecedented in more ways than one can properly convey into words.

    However, as we have seen in recent years, despite the well documented issues within this industry of ours, we have also displayed a remarkable ability to rally around those in need and sometimes caught in the middle of things beyond their control.

    It feels disingenuous to say, but one of the reasons behind an initiative like Bright Gambit was to support the many creators using game development as a means for expression. We used the term underserved, but what exactly does that mean? It means persons like you and me who for whatever reason have been held back or faced challenges funding or without the support needed to embark on their own game development journey.

    Along with the rest of the games industry we stand completely and unreservedly with Ukraine and hope to find and support many creators who will be hurting and in need for us to put our arms around them from Ukraine and beyond.

    Vic Bassey